Brokers Advantage was founded on the idea that the lives of today’ s borrowers have outgrown the guidelines of institutional lenders. Borrowers now live beyond a traditional income lifestyle and loans of the future need to adapt to this growing landscape.

We are the Next step in that evolution.

Our Non-QM programs are designed to qualify borrowers with a holistic view in mind. We help our borrowers navigate the tricky waters of Alt-lending income qualification and provide versatile tools to qualify and close their loan.


Home Equity Loan


Our standalone 2nd mortgage program designed to go behind low-interest rate NonQM, QM and Non-Owner-Occupied 1st Mortgages. HELOAN gives homeowners access to the built-up equity in their homes, while preserving their low-rate 1st mortgage, resulting in a low “Blended” rate.



Intelligent Non Conforming


Designed to streamline and consolidate your options, iNC gives your borrowers access to the varied features that Non-QM has to offer. Prime candidates include first-time Homebuyers or borrowers looking to finance a remodel.



Initial Payment Saver


Give your borrowers three periods of saving over 18 months with our compressed buy-down option. Available for Full Doc, Bank Statements, and Debt Service Coverage Ratio.

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